Beyond Training “Closing Thoughts & Additional Resources” – Links, Resources and Bonus Materials

The following are links, resources and bonus materials for Beyond Training Chapter 25: “Closing Thoughts & Additional Resources”, listed in order of their appearance in the chapter.

  1. Mark Sisson, author of
  2. Many named in the opening chapter of this book
  3. You can review the 10 Rules For Becoming An Ancestral Athlete
  4. Tale Of Two Triathletes in Chapter 2
  5. The 40 Easy Meals For Busy Athletes in Chapter 11
  6. The day of brain-hacking in Chapter 21
  7. Concepts discussed in Chapter 8
  8. A slick, dynamic online TrainingPeaks platform
  9. The same online platform I use to coach all my clients and athletes
  10. We’ll have the website done
  11. Go watch my Lean Lifestyle Insider video series
  12. Continue to pursue this whole Superhuman brand
  13. Considering I’ve had a “Become Superhuman” live event
  14. Created Superhuman training manuals
  15. Designed Superhuman gear
  16. Have a Superhuman Coach mastermind
  17. My Superhuman mentorship program
  18. On a perfect average day
  19. It’s called getting Revved
  20. Here’s a quick formula for you (with more details here)

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